Space-stealing seasonal items

How many of you can’t fit the car in the garage because it’s crammed with ‘other stuff’?  How many of your wardrobes are at maximum capacity, unable to squeeze in even a pair of skinny jeans?

Now the new year’s in full swing, it’s a good time to assess what items deserve space in your home this season, and which need to hibernate for a while in storage. Although it’s a good habit to live clutter-free, following a Marie Kondo lifestyle and binning ruthlessly is not always the best option…for example it’s not economical to replace your jet-ski each summer or to bin that item of clothing which makes you feel a million dollars even if you do only wear it once a year.

Self storage will keep items safe and easily accessible while ensuring they’re not under your feet or ‘stealing’ space in your home. Plus at anglia self storage you can terminate your storage agreement anytime.

Here are a few of the space-stealing culprits…

Paddling pools and inflatable things

Do not allow lilos, inflatable rings and crocodiles to gather spiders in the garden shed or garage. They’re at risk of suffering a puncture from a garden fork – keep them safe in one of anglia’s nice clean units until your holiday later in the year.


Keeping your BBQ away from the elements in storage can help ensure it works just as well this Summer as it did last. It also saves space in your garage or garden shed allowing them to be used for their true purpose.

Windbreaks and beach equipment

Great for protecting you from the sun and giving you privacy on the beach however, not so wonderful for keeping you warm in winter. Lock them away until the sun shines and it’s warm enough to remove clothes outside.

Seasonal clothing

We all have both winter and summer clothes, but we’re not all fortunate enough to have the space to store it all and winter jumpers and coats are bulky items. Taking some of your more ‘seasonal’ items and keeping them safe in one of anglia’s dry, clean units could be a great way to free up that much needed wardrobe space.

Garden furniture


The British weather can be ruinous on different materials, great if you like the shabby chic look but not if you don’t.. Protect your garden furniture by keeping it stored over the winter months and it will also save you the job and expense of varnishing it each year.


You may have a collection of surfboards, boards, and kayaks that you’ll have no use for over the Winter, or even a jet-ski. These are large, cumbersome items that can be safely stored away, until you feel ready to risk getting wet again …


Roof racks & DIY tools

Both of these items can make your available garage space shrink. Paint tin mountains too, sort it out, throw away the dried up tins of paint (because they will exist), and store the tins which will come in useful one day.

Small storage spaces cost from just £6 a week, Medium garage sized units £21 a week and full size 20ft Large units are currently on offer at £31 per week.



Why not come and see them for yourself, give yourself room to move…



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anglia celebrates its THIRTEENTH New Year!

2018 will be anglia self storage’s THIRTEENTH year of storing items here in central Lincoln – and we don’t mind saying we think we do a pretty good job of it!

And it’s not just us who think so, we’ve had some amazing reviews over the years and hundreds of very grateful customers…

We’ve enabled easy transitions between properties for hundreds of house movers.

Stored thousands of archive boxes for our business customers.

Kept valuables safe for holiday makers.

And saved hundreds of parents a journey to Lincoln when students go home for summer!

New Year often triggers people to make New Year Resolutions, soul search, and question what’s important to them.

So what’s important to us?…


The customer always comes first. We are proud to offer them a great service which benefits them or their business 24/7.

anglia self storage gives them total peace of mind that their belongings are safe. After hours they are still able to contact us in the case of an emergency. We offer flexible and fair terms, ultimately only charging for the days stored and asking for only seven days notice prior to vacation.


Our customers’ belongings must remain safe and secure at all times.

We have done everything we can to ensure security is the best it can possibly be. This includes ‘monitored’ CCTV. We don’t see the point of simply ‘recording’ footage – our security team are vigilantly watching the site live.


Our storage units are fire-resistant, watertight (they are sea containers after all), and dry. Their heavy duty padlocks are made from hardened steel and covered by a cowl so completely tamper-proof. Keys cannot be copied.

Our maintenance team regularly inspect our storage units to ensure they are in tip top condition.

In 2018 we will continue to offer our customers the best self storage service possible, whether they need short term storage for a house move or long term storage for the smooth running of their business.

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Christmas Present Storage – When you need more than a tree!

Christmas is getting closer and if your present buying has already begun, you might be wondering where to put it all. Toys, gadgets, perfumes, iPads, phones, games and alcohol – the list goes on. By 25th December it will all be wrapped and under the tree with the name of a loved one on the gift tag. But where will you keep it in the meantime?

There are a couple of reasons you may wish to to re-consider your stashing place.

1. PRYING EYES. Which child (or even some adults!) can resist picking at the wrapping paper under the tree?  Even worse, when I was a teenager the first thing I did when my parents left me home alone was start searching the house for the hidden hoard! …

2. SECURITY. It’s a sad fact that burglaries are common at Christmas. Thieves know that there’s a good chance behind almost every door there are brand new, valuable items under Christmas trees.

No one wants to return home to find their Christmas has been completely ruined.

“Peace of Mind comes as part of the package!…”

Here at anglia self storage we’ve got a sure-fire solution to keep your presents safe, secure and above all secret. Our self storage units and indoor compartments are the ideal place, your ‘Santa’s secret store cupboard’ away from home, so to speak.

They’re also terrific value. At anglia self storage our minimum term is just seven days and the storage spaces start from just £6 per week.

Most importantly of all is anglia’s excellent security. Our centrally located site is surrounded by 11ft high palistrade fencing, entry is though an electronic gate by means of a gate pass, we have six CCTV cameras – all of which are being monitored by our trusty security team, and lastly, our storage units are fireproof, dry and VERY secure.

So if you want to ensure you and your family have a very merry Christmas come and check out  anglia elf storage  😉

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How self-storage can help small businesses

Driving down the lanes of the anglia self storage site in central Lincoln, each unit door appears the same on the surface, but behind each door lays a different story, with a different purpose…

While families might use self storage when they’re moving house or storing their Christmas ornaments safely for another year, other people are using self-storage in a completely different way. Behind the scenes individuals are actually building their small business empires from our site here in central Lincoln.

Using self-storage as part of a small business strategy is something that’s becoming increasingly popular, helping individuals to improve their business as they take the plunge into self employment. By storing and having space to sort items such as clothing, home interiors stock, or tools, small businesses are able to run their businesses from self-storage facilities very successfully.

Here’s why self-storage can be the helping hand on the journey to success:

It’s commercially viable

It is widely known that rental rates for a shop or an industrial unit can be high, especially for a business that wants to attract retail customers. This has prompted many businesses to set up from their own homes instead, acting as mini e-commerce outlets that operate with the support of a website and social media platforms.

While many businesses start out from the kitchen table, this option soon becomes inconvenient and impossible with any kind of business growth. The smart solution, without having to take high street rental space, is to opt for self-storage. This is a safe, commercially viable space that allows business owners to store their stock – and at anglia self storage, access their unit 24/7. This space is also free from other financial outlays that would come hand-in-hand with a traditional retail space, such as business rates. Those with a shop may not actually have the physical space to store their stock – anglia is helpful to them too!

We can also put shelving in your unit for you.

It’s much more flexible

A fundamental attraction for many start-ups is the ability to store a variety of stock, which can be accessed at a time convenient to their business. At anglia we give you a gate pass and a key so you can access your unit even when our office is closed.
Long notice periods are not required by anglia if your business decides to withdraw from self storage, as it may be with other traditional rental spaces – we ask for just seven days notice – so you’re not tied into lengthy contracts.

Finally, anglia is fair. In your final month with us (not that we ever want to say goodbye), we will refund you any unused days in that last month so ultimately you’ve only paid for the exact number of days you’ve stored with us.

It’s safe

Some of our customers have told us horror stories about their previous storage choices. Some rented garages, others used their garden shed – all commonly broken into. Vans are also a target to thieves hoping to find valuable tools or saleable stock … it’s not worth the risk storing somewhere unsafe, open to damp and perhaps even accessible by insects or animals in an attempt to save money. anglia self storage understands that your stock is your livelihood, that’s why we offer safe secure storage units, which are also water-tight and fire-resistant. We also have ‘monitored CCTV’ which means our security team are protecting the site night and day.

Many types of businesses find anglia’s units invaluable to their businesses. We have clothing boutiques, an event hire business, chandelier stockists, antique dealers and many more!

If you would like more information on how self-storage could benefit your small business at anglia self storage pay us a visit or give us a call.

anglia self storage – 50 Great Northern Terrace, Lincoln, LN5 8HJ             

01522 521888

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How Self Storage can achieve that House Sale!

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, or if your property has been on the market with no offers as yet, using self storage can make a huge difference.

It could mean the difference between receiving a reduced offer or your asking price, or even NO SALE or SALE!

Every seller wants to get the maximum sale price within the quickest time. You’ll be competing with other properties on the market so it’s vital you do everything within your power to maximise your chances of a sale.

Some things such as market conditions, location and price bracket admittedly aren’t in your control but the look and feel of your home most definitely IS so here are some selling tips and how anglia self storage can help ;

Maximise space by minimising your things.

This has to start before marketing your property – the agent’s photos are what will entice a buyer to view so the photos MUST look great. This sounds harsh but a potential viewer is not interested in your kid’s toys, photos of your family, or the ‘pile of stuff that’s going on Ebay’ when you get around to it. The buyer must not be distracted by you or your stuff. Create a look that your buyer is aspiring to such as a beautiful, ordered and relaxing lifestyle. Consciously or subconsciously they are seeing how your and their lives compare and they are aspiring to a ‘better life’ when they move. The key to achieving this look is to maximise space and layout in an attractive way.

Before and after a declutter

Space sells – Simple.

EVERYTHING you can live without temporarily should be out of sight, and this is where a storage unit offers the perfect solution. There are two advantages to this…

Financial Benefits and preparation in advance.

You may be thinking, ‘surely storage is going to cost me money!?’ 

Initially yes, you will have to rent a unit, (at anglia from just £15 per week), but longterm this will maximise your chances of a fast sale and potentially your asking price. If your home looks like a show home rather than a hoarder’s den the buyer is less likely to knock you down on price. Your house could look so inviting it may attract more than one buyer – resulting in your asking price being met. 

Storage should therefore in this instance be seen as an investment, not an expense.

You’ll be prepared in advance

By packing non essential items away into storage you’re already starting your moving process practically and mentally. That means less to do later. Your belongings are safely waiting to be put into your next home, you’ll be avoiding last minute packing, chaos and stress.

In Summary

Store items that you can live without until after the move to create more space.

Create the ideal lifestyle and home that your buyers will be aspiring to.

Show every room’s use – and ensure it’s what your buyer would be expecting.

Keep it looking great all the time it’s on the market.

Sit back and look forward to selling for the maximum price possible and moving your organised belongings into your new home!

anglia self storage offers a variety of size storage units in central Lincoln, secure and dry with good vehicle access 24/7.

Maximise your chances of a SALE!

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Storing your classic car or motorbike at anglia self storage

If you’re passionate about your classic car or motorbike, anglia self storage understands that. We store all kinds of precious things for a wide range of customers such as theatre props and antiques!

You may wishing to protect your vehicle (and investment!) from rust and weather damage over the winter months? You can be rest assured anglia’s containers are watertight and dry. We recently bought some new ‘one trip’ containers which had been used to bring brand new Bentleys to the UK – that’s quite special cargo! And for peace of mind, you as a customer will have 24/7 independent access to our site so you can check on your pride and joy at any time. Anglia self storage has gained a reputation with local classic car enthusiasts and restorers by using only the best storage containers to protect their valuable vehicles.

Alternatively, you may wish to put your vehicle into storage for a shorter period, for example if you’re going on holiday. anglia is very flexible – our minimum length of storage is only one week … So while your’e soaking up the rays on the beach you have peace of mind that your vehicle is being safely looked after until your return.

Security at anglia self storage is excellent including ‘monitored’ CCTV, electronic gate and security fencing all round. The units themselves are secure and fire resistant.

anglia self storage offers various sizes of container in central Lincoln suitable for cars and bikes. 40ft and 20ft are the larger sized containers and 10ft and 5ft are perfect for motorbikes. The lanes between units are nice and wide too so there’s plenty of room for turning your car and getting it in and out of the storage unit.

 So until next time you wish to take her for a spin…

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Student queues to the Freshers Fayre

This year anglia self storage decided to have a stand at Lincoln University Fresher’s Fayre – or should I say ‘Freshers Madness’! Thousands of excited students flooded the hall of The Engine Shed throughout the day, in fact, that figure turned out to be more than 9800 students!

Calm before the storm…setting up

It was great to be able to meet them and chat, find out where they were from and what they are studying. Many have just left home for the first time and Fresher’s week is no doubt a bombardment of emotions – nervous excitement definitely being among them! Hopefully after the nerves have settled many opportunities await them – including new friends, in a vibrant city. We are flattered that they have chosen Lincoln as that city in which to spread their wings and commence their careers.

A very packed fayre!

… Slightly bewildered, little do these freshers realise now, that in the blink of an eye their first year will be over and they’ll be not only asking where it went – but also wondering what happened to their cash and where all that extra stuff came from!? Their first comfy year in halls will be over and they’ll be deciding where they’ll be living next year…

Between moves, usually when the students go home over the summer, anglia self storage is a massive help. Being based in central Lincoln we are only a few minutes from the University. Our secure student spaces provide convenient storage for the students’ belongings from just £6 per week. This benefits both student and parent. The belongings remain safe and local – saving effort, time and money.

anglia also offers a van service – we will collect, store and deliver student belongs for a small charge.

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SELF STORAGE – Where did it all begin?

Self storage is an industry in which storage space is rented to both domestic and commercial customers. Today it’s primarily a United States industry, but where and when did it all start? We started searching the net to see if we could find out…

According to storage legend the birthplace of self storage was in what is now Xi’an, China, Asia’s great old trade route. Today Xi’an is celebrated as one of the four great ancient capitals of China. However 6,000 years ago it wasn’t a very big deal. It was the Neolithic period otherwise known as the last part of The Stone Age. The people farmed, kept animals, and created pottery and jewellery. Of course with the development of these skills and the various objects they produced came the subsequent ownership of valuables.

Xi’an pottery from the Neolithic period 4000BC

Unfortunately, like today, in 4,000 B.C. Xi’an, it was not wise to leave one’s valuables lying around unattended, and it was this fact that inspired the world’s first storage facility.

It’s widely believed that a man named Xiang Lau opened the first storage facility when his mud hut became overcrowded with the prized bones of his enemies and his impressive collection of pots was being coveted by his neighbours. He secretly enjoyed keeping them in his man cave to gloat to all his friends, but there was always the fear they’d get stolen. Ultimately, it was his wife who demanded he remove them after she kept tripping over them.

Xiang Lau came up with an idea. He crafted large clay pots in which to place his objects of value and then he dug underground pits in which to lower the pots. He paid guards in food and water to watch over the sites and ensure that the pots and their contents were safe from thieves. Before long other ornament-owners were using Xiang’s new service to store their own treasured objects. Xiang was in business.

storage pits in Xi’an 4000BC

He was obviously a quick-minded business man too, offering deals, such as a ‘free ox rental’ when renting a storage unit! 

Six thousand years later all that has fundamentally changed is technology. Instead of storage pots we have steel storage containers, and our modern-day security guards use surveillance cameras and alarm systems in place of sticks and spears.

Ok, so this is an undocumented tale, but the odds are that an overcrowded living space and a bickering couple may well have led to the birth of ancient storage.

If your home or office is needing some attention or your other half is tripping over your stuff give anglia self storage a call. We are able to help 😉

Xiang Lau – the Neolithic Godfather of Storage

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The Box that changed the World – Part 2

A New Era: Intermodal transport

Continued from blog post ‘Part 1 The Box that changed the World…’

McLean’s early container design

Feeling his early container designs could be improved Malcolm McLean, set out to create a standardised shipping ‘trailer’ or container, he purchased shipping company, Pan-Atlantic, who already had docking rights in many of the eastern port cities and renamed it ‘SeaLand Industries’. 

Sealand Industries

He tested variations of the trailer and settled on a primitive form of what we know today as the shipping container. It was strong, stackable, easy to load/unload and lockable. McLean  then bought the oil tanker, Ideal X, and modified it to hold 58 of his newly designed containers. It was a huge success. He was able to offer a discounted price of conventional cargo transportation, and the containers being lockable – prevented goods being stolen.


In 1957 his ship incredibly only required two groups of dockworkers to unload and load the cargo. The cargo could be moved at a staggering 30 tons per hour, unheard of at the time. However, there was still the issue of a lack of standardisation with regards to the container’s size and corner fittings. Standardisation was needed so containers could be stacked effectively.

During the 60’s and the Vietnm war, McLean continued improving his container designs and filing more patents, including his patent of the revolutionary shipping container corner posts (vital to strength and stacking) and several standards were agreed. He engaged an engineer, Keith Tantlinger to help him. In a genius maneuver, he then gave the patent designs royalty free to the Industrial Organization for Standardization (ISO). This helped catapult his designs to the industry standard.

By 1969, SeaLand Industries was the largest cargo-shipping business in the world, and R. J. Reynolds purchased the company that year for $160 million.

In the 1970’s, McLean  returned on to the shipping scene after introducing and developing large “econoships” that would carry cargo at the equator while smaller ships came and went from them, picking up and delivering containers.

Malcom McLean died in 2001. His impact on transportation is up there with Henry Ford and yet his story remains relatively unknown. Because of him we have the standard ISO 20 foot and 40 foot shipping containers today.

Look out for future posts describing their many uses!

The Port of Felixstowe welcomed the arrival of the world’s biggest container ship this month, which can carry more than 21,000 20ft containers.

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Exams finished, and final shows taken down, now’s the time when students are packing up and going home for Summer.

A great majority of Lincoln’s students are from overseas or other parts of the UK – so where do they put all the stuff they’ve hoarded during the year?

When my daughter finished her first year of university I naively drove to Oxford in blistering heat to collect her and her belongings – a suitcase and a few boxes right? No. I was shocked at the volume of stuff which had accumulated and was to be driven back to Lincoln – even worse, enter my house.

In fact, it wouldn’t even fit in the car!

That’s when I took advantage of her local storage facility … problem solved. Phew. All I needed to take back to Lincoln was her and her suitcase. Even better, I didn’t even need to drive her back again in September. Buying her a train ticket was bliss … Goodbye child and suitcase.

Student Storage

An £8 per week locker at anglia.

I’m happy to say that student storage at anglia costs a fraction of what I had to pay in Oxford – our cheapest open shelf storage starts at just £7 per week, a compartment with lockable, sliding doors like the one pictured, £8.00 and a mini unit 2.4m high! (which some students share), just £15 a week. Bargain. Plus, anglia self storage has a cool little van which can collect a student’s stuff and bring it to our site which is a mere half a mile away from campus.

The anglia self storage van

Benefits of using anglia self storage over the vacation :

1. Cost and time effective. Student storage starts from £7 a week.

2. Anglia self storage is only 0.6 miles from Lincoln University campus, a 10-15 minute walk, or an easy drive on the new East/West Road.

3. Our anglia van can collect and deliver your belongings for a small charge.

4. Storing at anglia over the vacation saves parents driving to Lincoln or hiring a vehicle – and also saves space back at home.

5. Security at anglia self storage is excellent and includes monitored CCTV, electronic gate and secure units. Students’ belongings are kept safe until their return the next term.

6. Overseas students can go home with minimal baggage.

7. No deposit payable.

What are you waiting for?

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