Storing your classic car or motorbike at anglia self storage

If you’re passionate about your classic car or motorbike, anglia self storage understands that. We store all kinds of precious things for a wide range of customers such as theatre props and antiques!

You may wishing to protect your vehicle (and investment!) from rust and weather damage over the winter months? You can be rest assured anglia’s containers are watertight and dry. We recently bought some new ‘one trip’ containers which had been used to bring brand new Bentleys to the UK – that’s quite special cargo! And for peace of mind, you as a customer will have 24/7 independent access to our site so you can check on your pride and joy at any time. Anglia self storage has gained a reputation with local classic car enthusiasts and restorers by using only the best storage containers to protect their valuable vehicles.

Alternatively, you may wish to put your vehicle into storage for a shorter period, for example if you’re going on holiday. anglia is very flexible – our minimum length of storage is only one week … So while your’e soaking up the rays on the beach you have peace of mind that your vehicle is being safely looked after until your return.

Security at anglia self storage is excellent including ‘monitored’ CCTV, electronic gate and security fencing all round. The units themselves are secure and fire resistant.

anglia self storage offers various sizes of container in central Lincoln suitable for cars and bikes. 40ft and 20ft are the larger sized containers and 10ft and 5ft are perfect for motorbikes. The lanes between units are nice and wide too so there’s plenty of room for turning your car and getting it in and out of the storage unit.

 So until next time you wish to take her for a spin…

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