Packing Up Your Home

Are you in the midst of a house move or getting ready for those all important estate agent images by using self storage? Here are our top tips for getting your items shipshape and ready to go!

~ Pack With Intention.

Organising and labelling your boxes may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many odds and ends can be thrown in any old box. By labelling with a general description of whats inside, along with the room it’s from you’ll save yourself a headache when trying to find those all important bits!

~ Be Sure To Use Sturdy Boxes

When packing, make sure you check that the boxes can hold the weight of what’s in them- you don’t want to get to your storage space and end up with all those belongings falling out of the bottom!

~ Empty Your Appliances

If packing up items such as kettles, irons, lawnmowers or washing machines ALWAYS make sure you have emptied any water or oil out of them. The liquids can damage your items and also cause a stink if left for too long!

~Organise Your Storage Space

Keep all boxes for each room together, ensure that anything that you may need to collect earlier is located to the front of your storage space- the last thing you want to be doing is rifling through every last box to find some documents you desperately need!

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How To Declutter Your Home

Now the tree is down and the decorations have been put away for another year, are you feeling the urge to declutter?

Starting the process can be a lot- where on earth to start? We suggest beginning with a declutter checklist, there’s little more satisfying than ticking those jobs off. For each room why not create a mini plan of action, for example, in the bathroom we would recommend starting with the medicine cabinet and going from there!

Our top tip would be NOT to pull everything out at once without a plan- it can be completely overwhelming and put you off the task at hand. Why not have three zones; Put Away, Fix and Donate?

When you come across seasonal items and larger toys or pieces of furniture you may not use daily, we can help! From full containers to managed storage (individual, lockable space within a container), Anglia Self Storage can help free up space in your home. Please call our office for any advice or to discuss your storage needs.

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New Containers

We’re very excited as we’ve just taken delivery of 20 new units in varying sizes!

If you would like to find out more or discover what size is best for your storage needs, you can call our office to speak with one of our helpful members of staff- or even better, come down and have a look for yourself!

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Moving House

If you’re looking to sell your home in the near future, Anglia offers the perfect storage solution. Safe, social distancing is maintained at all times.

Here are some tips for selling your house and getting the best price!

Every seller wants to get the maximum sale price within the quickest time. You’ll be competing with other properties on the market so it’s vital you do everything within your power to maximise your chances of a sale.

Some things such as market conditions, location and price bracket admittedly aren’t in your control but the look and feel of your home most definitely IS so here are some selling tips and how anglia self storage can help ;

Maximise space by minimising your things.

This has to start before marketing your property – the agent’s photos are what will entice a buyer to view so the photos MUST look great. This sounds harsh but a potential viewer is not interested in your kid’s toys, photos of your family, or the ‘pile of stuff that’s going on Ebay’ when you get around to it. The buyer must not be distracted by you or your stuff. Create a look that your buyer is aspiring to such as a beautiful, ordered and relaxing lifestyle. Consciously or subconsciously they are seeing how your and their lives compare and they are aspiring to a ‘better life’ when they move. The key to achieving this look is to maximise space and layout in an attractive way.

Before and after a declutter

Space sells – Simple.

EVERYTHING you can live without temporarily should be out of sight, and this is where a storage unit offers the perfect solution. There are two advantages to this…

Financial Benefits and preparation in advance.

You may be thinking, ‘surely storage is going to cost me money!?’ 

Initially yes, you will need to rent a unit, but longterm this will maximise your chances of a fast sale and potentially your asking price. If your home looks like a show home rather than a hoarder’s den the buyer is less likely to knock you down on price. Your house could look so inviting it may attract more than one buyer – resulting in your asking price being met. 

Storage should be seen as an investment, not an expense.

Be prepared in advance

By packing non essential items away into storage you’re already starting your moving process practically and mentally. That means less to do later. Your belongings are safely waiting to be put into your next home, you’ll be avoiding last minute packing, chaos and stress.

In Summary

Store items that you can live without until after the move to create more space.

Create an aspirational style in your home that will entice prospective buyers.

Show each room and how it can be used to its full potential – and ensure it’s what your buyer would be expecting.

Sit back and look forward to selling for the maximum price possible and settling into your new home!

Anglia Self Storage offer a variety of size storage units in central Lincoln, secure, well lit and covered with great vehicle access 24/7.

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Selling Your House

We’ve had a lot of new customers coming in recently looking for space to store as they prepare to complete the sale on their former property. 

There are many reasons why you need self-storage, and with our independent 24-hour access, we are here to help you! 

Whether completing a sale but having to rent/stay with friends or relatives while they complete a purchase, or needing work done on their new property and preferring to keep your belongings clear of the mess, Anglia Self Storage can take some of the stress out of your move.

Having 24 hour access to your belongings on a secure and well lit site means that you can store anything in full confidence that should access be required, you can pop down at a time convenient to you.

Whether you’re racing to complete your sale or purchase, you can make your life a lot easier by giving us a call and booking some storage space now. 

01522 521 888

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We are here for you during lockdown

As we enter another national lockdown anglia self storage remains here for new and existing customers.

Existing customers can continue to access our central Lincoln storage site 24/7 by using their electronic gate pass at the main gate. Our site is well lit during the darker nights and parking next to storage unit doors is one of the benefits of anglia self storage.

Outdoor, insulated storage units ensure social distancing at all times, ensuring our customers remain safe if they do need to access their storage units during this time.

If you are a new customer requiring storage because you are moving house please call us on 01522 521888 or send us an email using the contact form here

We can arrange everything for you.

Our office on site is currently manned and phone calls will be answered at all hours.

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2020 has been an uncertain year and anglia self storage is providing secure storage spaces for University students’ belongings in central Lincoln.

Our site is secure, conveniently located in central Lincoln and we also have a van which can collect students’ belongings at short notice.

Student storage at anglia is very affordable – our cheapest shelf storage starts at just £8 per week.

Benefits of using anglia self storage :

1. Cost and time effective.

2. Anglia self storage is only 0.6 miles from Lincoln University campus, a 10-15 minute walk, or an easy drive on the new East/West Road.

3. Our anglia van can collect and deliver belongings for a charge of £30.00

4. Storing at anglia saves parents driving to Lincoln or hiring a vehicle – and also saves space back at home.

5. Security at anglia self storage is excellent and includes monitored CCTV, electronic gate and secure units. Students’ belongings are kept safe until their return to the city.

6. No deposit payable.

What are you waiting for – give us a call and let anglia help with your storage requirements 01522 521888 or book your space on the STUDENT PAGE

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Safe and Secure Self Storage in central Lincoln

During these very different times it is important that whatever we do, we do it in a safe way. Activities in our daily lives continue, such as moving house, home extensions, new business start-ups, existing business developments, or students returning to university.

At anglia self storage we maintain our excellent standard and offer a spacious and safe environment for you to visit whatever storage requirements you may have. Here are just a few of the convenient benefits of choosing anglia self storage –

REMOTE GATE ACCESS You will be given an electronic gate pass which enables you to enter and exit the site in central Lincoln in a contactless way.

24/7 ACCESS Our customers have 24/7 independent access to the site and their storage units enabling them to visit at non-busy times which suit them.

REMOTE EASY PAYMENTS Monthly standing orders are the most convenient method of making the monthly payment. We refund excess rent paid if you vacate your storage unit before the end of your final month.

SPACIOUS OUTDOOR STORAGE UNITS No need to enter buildings or walk through tight corridors at anglia self storage. Our storage containers are in neat rows with their doors outside, and there’s plenty of parking too – right next to your unit door.

A COVID-SAFE ENVIRONMENT If you do need to visit our on-site office you will find it clean and safe with hand sanitising facilities to hand.

Call one of our friendly staff to discuss your storage needs on 01522 521888. A socially distanced tour of the site can be arranged if you’d like to view our facility and the various unit sizes.

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The most convenient and cheapest student storage in town!..

Here at anglia self storage in central Lincoln we believe we offer the cheapest and most convenient student storage option in Lincoln! *

So if you’re needing to store your belongings over the vacation – look no further…

Anglia self storage is situated close to Lincoln city centre and in easy reach of both Lincoln and Bishop Grossteste universities. Our facility boasts excellent security including live monitored CCTV

Student storage accommodation options :

1. Open single depth shelves Size W180 x D50 x H70 cm – £8 per week
2. Open double depth shelves Size W180 x D95 x H70 cm – £14 per week
3. Enclosed tall lockers Size W116 x D134 x H240cm – £18 per week

TO RESERVE AND BOOK ONE OF THESE SPACES CALL 01522 521888 or book online from our STUDENT PAGE

Perfect for students we offer –

Open single shelving
Open double shelving
Enclosed tall lockers (For this unit you can store additional items that do not fit into boxes such as larger TV monitors, keyboards, guitars, ironing boards or drying racks).

BOXES – Anglia can also supply you with boxes to pack your belongings into. This ensures the most economic use of storage on your space.

TRANSPORT – Collections and deliveries of your belongings are charged at £30 per journey.

To book transport or buy boxes call our office on 01522 521888 or email with your requirements.

*If you find like for like storage elsewhere cheaper anglia self storage will match the price.

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A guide to help you find the perfect storage solution

Brand new storage containers at anglia self storage

More and more people and businesses are choosing to put their things into storage when they are moving, downsizing – or simply in need of some extra space.

Making use of storage solutions can have a number of benefits, not least of which is helping to reduce the stress of moving day if you’re between homes. But with various options out there, it can be difficult to know which type of storage is the best for you. Here is some information about different types of storage. There is a checklist at the end to help you ask questions when phoning around for quotes.

‘Container Storage’ – At anglia self storage all our storage containers are ground level and outdoors. There are lanes between the rows between the units so vehicles may be parked at the unit doors for easy loading – even large removal lorries have plenty of room. The units themselves are new or ‘one-trip’ sea containers. Made from steel, these containers are fire-resistant, very strong and secure. This eliminates any risk of customers losing their belongings in a fire.

anglia self storage insulates their unit ceilings as a precautionary measure and are 100% watertight. We supply you with a heavy duty padlock, key and gate pass, all included in the price. You will not need to buy a padlock from anglia like at some facilities.

‘Warehouse storage’ or ‘indoor storage’ usually offers managed storage for your possessions, either in a purpose-built facility or inside a converted building. Often, access is limited to within working hours or an appointment has to be made in advance so the customer’s ‘wooden storage crate’ can be fork-lifted down to an accessible level. Storage units, can sometimes be housed on different floors and are linked by a series of lifts. You may need to take your belongings to the unit on a trolley.

CCTV – Most storage companies will advertise having CCTV, however it is important to check if this is ‘monitored’ CCTV, rather than CCTV which is simply making a recording. anglia self storage’s CCTV is monitored live by our security team – this is very important if security is important to you, as it means action would be taken immediately if security was compromised.

Flexibility of terms – Some storage facilities may require a minimum of 4 weeks storage from you, some request up to 6 months paid in advance. At anglia self storage we do ask you to pay up until the end of the current month but upon vacation we will refund any days that you didn’t need. The minimum length of storage with us is just two weeks.

… If you need extra storage space, whether it’s short term or longer get in touch to find out what our best storage options are for you. anglia self storage have small compartments if you just have a few belongings and 40ft long containers if you need to store the contents of a six-bedroomed house! Plus many sixes in between.

We’ll happily show you around our central Lincoln site – with covid precautions of course.


  1. Will I have 24/7 independent access to my storage unit anytime or do I have to make an appointment to access my belongings?
  2. Is the CCTV monitored ‘live’ by a security team?
  3. Are the storage units fire-resistant and insulated?
  4. If I leave early in a 4-weekly or monthly term will I get a refund for unused days?
  5. Will I need to buy or supply my own padlock?
  6. Is there space for me to park at my unit or turn around a van?
  7. Will I need to climb stairs or trolley my belongs to the storage unit?
  8. Lastly, some storage facilities may be cheaper than others. Therefore, remember to ask yourself, is it a ‘like for like’ comparison? For example, one storage company’s MEDIUM sized unit may be a different size to a MEDIUM unit elsewhere.
anglia self storage Great Northern Terrace
01522 521888
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