Christmas Present Storage – When you need more than a tree!

Christmas is getting closer and if your present buying has already begun, you might be wondering where to put it all. Toys, gadgets, perfumes, iPads, phones, games and alcohol – the list goes on. By 25th December it will all be wrapped and under the tree with the name of a loved one on the gift tag. But where will you keep it in the meantime?

There are a couple of reasons you may wish to to re-consider your stashing place.

1. PRYING EYES. Which child (or even some adults!) can resist picking at the wrapping paper under the tree?  Even worse, when I was a teenager the first thing I did when my parents left me home alone was start searching the house for the hidden hoard! …

2. SECURITY. It’s a sad fact that burglaries are common at Christmas. Thieves know that there’s a good chance behind almost every door there are brand new, valuable items under Christmas trees.

No one wants to return home to find their Christmas has been completely ruined.

“Peace of Mind comes as part of the package!…”

Here at anglia self storage we’ve got a sure-fire solution to keep your presents safe, secure and above all secret. Our self storage units and indoor compartments are the ideal place, your ‘Santa’s secret store cupboard’ away from home, so to speak.

They’re also terrific value. At anglia self storage our minimum term is just seven days and the storage spaces start from just £6 per week.

Most importantly of all is anglia’s excellent security. Our centrally located site is surrounded by 11ft high palistrade fencing, entry is though an electronic gate by means of a gate pass, we have six CCTV cameras – all of which are being monitored by our trusty security team, and lastly, our storage units are fireproof, dry and VERY secure.

So if you want to ensure you and your family have a very merry Christmas come and check out  anglia elf storage  😉

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