anglia celebrates its THIRTEENTH New Year!

2018 will be anglia self storage’s THIRTEENTH year of storing items here in central Lincoln – and we don’t mind saying we think we do a pretty good job of it!

And it’s not just us who think so, we’ve had some amazing reviews over the years and hundreds of very grateful customers…

We’ve enabled easy transitions between properties for hundreds of house movers.

Stored thousands of archive boxes for our business customers.

Kept valuables safe for holiday makers.

And saved hundreds of parents a journey to Lincoln when students go home for summer!

New Year often triggers people to make New Year Resolutions, soul search, and question what’s important to them.

So what’s important to us?…


The customer always comes first. We are proud to offer them a great service which benefits them or their business 24/7.

anglia self storage gives them total peace of mind that their belongings are safe. After hours they are still able to contact us in the case of an emergency. We offer flexible and fair terms, ultimately only charging for the days stored and asking for only seven days notice prior to vacation.


Our customers’ belongings must remain safe and secure at all times.

We have done everything we can to ensure security is the best it can possibly be. This includes ‘monitored’ CCTV. We don’t see the point of simply ‘recording’ footage – our security team are vigilantly watching the site live.


Our storage units are fire-resistant, watertight (they are sea containers after all), and dry. Their heavy duty padlocks are made from hardened steel and covered by a cowl so completely tamper-proof. Keys cannot be copied.

Our maintenance team regularly inspect our storage units to ensure they are in tip top condition.

In 2018 we will continue to offer our customers the best self storage service possible, whether they need short term storage for a house move or long term storage for the smooth running of their business.

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