How To Declutter Your Home

Now the tree is down and the decorations have been put away for another year, are you feeling the urge to declutter?

Starting the process can be a lot- where on earth to start? We suggest beginning with a declutter checklist, there’s little more satisfying than ticking those jobs off. For each room why not create a mini plan of action, for example, in the bathroom we would recommend starting with the medicine cabinet and going from there!

Our top tip would be NOT to pull everything out at once without a plan- it can be completely overwhelming and put you off the task at hand. Why not have three zones; Put Away, Fix and Donate?

When you come across seasonal items and larger toys or pieces of furniture you may not use daily, we can help! From full containers to managed storage (individual, lockable space within a container), Anglia Self Storage can help free up space in your home. Please call our office for any advice or to discuss your storage needs.

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