The Stamp Duty Holiday – anglia self storage in Lincoln can help get things completed in time.

Are you having a last minute move before the stamp duty holiday ends and need storage space urgently? 

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past six months, you will have noticed that the housing market is very brisk at the moment. There’s a last minute rush to seal the deal before the stamp duty holiday ends next week. This has left some people in a tight spot as they try to juggle selling and buying before the deadline.   

We’ve had a lot of new customers coming in recently looking for space to store as they prepare to complete the sale on their former property. 

There are many reasons why they need self-storage, and why they find our independent 24-hour access units so desirable. 

They may be completing a sale but having to rent or stay with friends or relatives while they complete a purchase. Or they might need to get some work done on their new property and prefer not to have all their belongings in the new home while this is being carried out.

Of course, having easy 24hr access to their belongings means they can store anything knowing that, should they need it, they can just pop down, open their unit and take whatever they want. 

So if you are racing to complete a sale or a purchase, you can make your life a lot easier by giving us a call and booking some storage space now. 

01522 521 888

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