Packing Up Your Home

Are you in the midst of a house move or getting ready for those all important estate agent images by using self storage? Here are our top tips for getting your items shipshape and ready to go!

~ Pack With Intention.

Organising and labelling your boxes may sound obvious but you’d be surprised at how many odds and ends can be thrown in any old box. By labelling with a general description of whats inside, along with the room it’s from you’ll save yourself a headache when trying to find those all important bits!

~ Be Sure To Use Sturdy Boxes

When packing, make sure you check that the boxes can hold the weight of what’s in them- you don’t want to get to your storage space and end up with all those belongings falling out of the bottom!

~ Empty Your Appliances

If packing up items such as kettles, irons, lawnmowers or washing machines ALWAYS make sure you have emptied any water or oil out of them. The liquids can damage your items and also cause a stink if left for too long!

~Organise Your Storage Space

Keep all boxes for each room together, ensure that anything that you may need to collect earlier is located to the front of your storage space- the last thing you want to be doing is rifling through every last box to find some documents you desperately need!

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